Community Technology Committee (Inactive)


2022 Update: The Community Technology Committee has been paused due to fulfillment of its responsibilities to review Verizon Fios services and cellular phone coverage within Brambleton. The Committee is expected to return in 2024 to prepare for 2027 Verizon contract renegotiations.

The primary responsibility of the Community Technology Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on issues, concerns, and recommendations pertaining to matters related to the bulk video & data service agreement(s) and related upgrades/transitions, cellular phone coverage within the community, or other technology issues that impact the greater community or as directed by the Board of Directors.

The Committee will focus its efforts on understanding the requirements and restrictions that are placed upon the Association by its Governing Documents, Loudoun County, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Department of Transportation, the Federal Government, or other agencies and authorites as is related. The Committee will review, evaluate and comment on resident or staff concerns and requests as communicated to the Committee, offer the Board recommendations on such requests that they have considered, and work with staff on such matters.