Turf & Landscape Management

Brambleton is known for its boulder-filled, rolling landscapes and extensive mature plantings. A large portion of Brambleton’s common areas contain regularly maintained and manicured turf and landscapes. BCA is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and replacement of these features on the common areas. Maintenance of these feature is performed primarily Association contractors; with BCA staff supplementing certain tasks as necessary.

Minimum Maintenance Standards

Many of Brambleton’s common area parcels contain manicured turf and planted landscapes that are irrigated. These areas are often highly visible to residents, guests and visitors such as larger common area adjacent to major roads, Association buildings and pools facilities, and many active parks. Minimum maintenance standards for all common areas are as follows:

  • Mowing typically takes place on a 7-10 day cycle
  • Turf is fertilized a minimum of 4 times annually
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent are used to control weeds
  • Turf is aerated and over-seeded annually
  • Litter and debris is removed on a 7-10 day cycle
  • Mulching of beds and tree rings occur annually in the spring. 
  • Perennials, shrubs and trees are pruned as necessary
  • Irrigation operates on select common areas between the months of May-September
  • Turf can be expected to brown and go dormant during the summer months on non-irrigated common areas. Trees may be hand-watered during extended periods of drought
  • Landscaping color may be selectively enhanced by the installation of annual flowers
Maintenance of these features is performed primarily by Association contractors, with BCA staff supplementing certain tasks as necessary.