Facility & Amenity Management

Brambleton Community Association is responsible for the management and upkeep of all facilities and amenities located on the common areas. These improvements consist of major components such as buildings, pools, retaining walls, water features, sport courts, play equipment; hard surfaces such as streets, parking lots, sidewalks and trails; and site amenities such as signs, trash cans, pet stations, benches, picnic tables, and so one. Each component or improvement has different needs when it comes to the management and upkeep of these items.

Management Plan

The Association has developed a management plan that maximizes the useful life of these components, reduces possible hazards or risks related to the component, and reserves funds for the repair and replacement of each major component.

Replacement Reserve Study

Virginia Statute requires all Associations to perform a replacement reserve study every 5 years. A properly conducted and funded reserve study will reduce the need for special assessments down the road. BCA exceeds the state requirements with a study performed every 3 or 4 years so that new amenities are incorporated into the study as the community continues to grow.

Specific questions on the management and upkeep of Association facilities and amenities can be emailed to operations@brambleton.org.

While routine inspections are performed on BCA facilities, the Association relies on all residents as well to report any concerns or deficiencies on the common area.