Brambleton Corner Clubhouse & Pool

Brambleton Corner Areas

The park areas are open between dawn and dusk; while the trails remain open to dog walkers and passersby.

Brambleton Corner Clubhouse Facilities

  • Community Building
  • Banquet/Event Hall
  • Caterer's Prep Kitchen
  • Grand Lawn Area
  • Bathhouse
  • Outdoor Lap Pool with Beach Entry
  • Outdoor Eating Area with Grill
  • Concession Area
Community Programs

The Brambleton Corner is home to some of our community programming. Classes of all ages and interests take place at Brambleton Corner and the Community Center. Visit  the programs for more information. 

 Brambleton Corner Rentals

The Brambleton Corner Pool and Clubhouse is also available to owners for private and exclusive rentals. Visit our facilities listing for more information on Brambleton Community Association (BCA) facilities that are available.

Pool Complex Amenities
  • Bathhouse
  • 8 Lane Lap Pool
  • Beach Entry Area
  • Concession Area
  • Eating Area with Grill
  • Cabanas
Pool Operations

This summer pool facility operates between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. This pool will host post season hours for two extra weekends in September. Entrance to the facility requires a current BCA issued pool pass. Pool passes are issued at the Brambleton Management Office.