BCA Pools

Brambleton Community Association operates four pool complexes for Brambleton residents.  These pools are available to all Brambleton Community Association property owners and Residences Condominium owners; who are in good standing with the association; and Summerfield residents that opt to purchase BCA pool membership 

Brambleton Community Association’s Pool Complexes:

  • The Community Center Pool – Located at 42645 Regal Wood Drive.  Complex consists of a main pool, wading pool, and spa. 703-542-2943
  • The Beacon Crest Pool – Located within the Residences Condominiums at 22650 Beacon Crest Terrace.  Complex consists of a main pool, wading pool, spa, outdoor gas fireplace and grill, and a club room. 703-542-2220
  • Brambleton Corner Clubhouse & Pool – Located at 42255 Palladian Blue Terrace.  Complex consists of an 8-lane lap pool with attached zero depth beach entry, outdoor eating area with grill and concession area, and the Brambleton Corner Clubhouse. 703-327-7060
  • Stratford Landing Pool & Splash Park - Located at 23503 Quillback Court.  Complex consists of splash pad and water sensory play area with zero depth beach entry, water volleyball court, water basketball court, cool water hydrotherapy cove, and water slide. A separate eating area, picnic pavilion and bathhouse. 703-542-7360

    Valid passes are necessary to enter BCA pools.  Registered owners and their families that have a “Pass for Life” – and do not need to re-register (as long as their address has not changed). Residents who are new to Brambleton, or that have moved since the end of the prior swim season, or renters within Brambleton named on an active lease will all need to register for pool passes if they would like to make use of Brambleton pools this summer season.  Children, who have turned 12 and 16 years old since the end of the prior swim season, or during the current swim season, will need to have their passes updated

How to Register for a Pool Pass

Pool passes can be obtained in person at the Brambleton Community Association Management Office located in the Brambleton Town Center at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. We are upstairs from the Welcome Center on the second floor.  
Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Residents may also take advantage of our convenient email option by sending the required information below to hoa@brambleton.org, then picking up their completed passes or having them mailed to their house.

Eligible residents over the age of 18 will need to provide a photo ID and verification of their residency in Brambleton. In addition, if you are renting a property in Brambleton, a copy of your current lease and a letter of permission completed by your landlord is required. The lease and letter will need to be provided to our office each year for facility use.

All family members over the age of 2 must have a pool pass to use the pool. A photo will need to be taken and printed on a card. This card is good for as long as you live in Brambleton.

Contact us at hoa@brambleton.org or call 703-542-6263 for more information. 

2017 Extended Pool Pass Hours

Monday, May 8:     5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday, May 9:   5:00 PM - 7:00 PM