Asphalt Application 2019

Brambleton Community Association will resume our asphalt maintenance program starting Monday, August 19th, 2019. We are happy to announce that we will be using a green and clean technology to complete this process. The asphalt rejuvenator will be applied to the Association’s streets in Sections 13, 22, 29, Town Center Residential, Trent Grove, and Brandt Townhomes; on several trails; and on the Corner and Stratford Landing parking lots.

The Association will be using a green asphalt rejuvenator from Total Asphalt called Veritas Green. Veritas Green parameter of technology consists of tall oil performance enhancers along with agricultural oils. Both products have a decade of research and development and are used all over the world. Veritas Green is backed with a five-year performance warranty for every treatment cycle.

Asphalt is one of the Association’s largest capital assets, as Brambleton has over 200 streets, 15 miles of trails, and numerous parking lots. Also, more Association resources and funding are focused towards the preservation and maintenance of asphalt due to the high and rising costs of replacing asphalt every 15 years. Rejuvenating/sealing the asphalt has several benefits: rejuvenation adds flexibility back into the asphalt, extends the lifetime of the pavement, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances curb appeal.

The effectiveness of a rejuvenator on Brambleton’s asphalt is noticeable. In 2011 and 2016, a rejuvenation product was applied to Arborview, Brookshade, Sweet Andrea, and Angelique Drives, along with other streets. A topical non-rejuvenation sealcoat was applied during those years to the Community Center parking lot as well. Today, you will see asphalt in good condition with minimal cracking on the four drives treated with the rejuvenator. The Community Center parking lot, however, is not in nearly as good of a condition, with significant cracking and a much shorter life expectancy for the current asphalt. These results demonstrate that the rejuvenation product is doing its job in extending the life of the asphalt.

The Association’s role as a steward of the community’s resources requires a balance of best management practices and funding. The Association continually reviews and updates its maintenance and upkeep standards as well as the products that are used. We will continue to monitor the data available regarding these products and evaluate their effectiveness.

Impact to Owners

Streets being seal coated will be closed for 12 hours. No vehicular traffic will be permitted on the street during this 12-hour period. All vehicles in driveways, garages on the impacted street; or parked on the street, will need to be parked on streets that will not be seal coated that day or the upper level spots in the Brambleton Town Center Garages. All vehicles will need to be moved by 7:00 am on the day that their street is scheduled for seal coating. Vehicles remaining on the street after 7:00 am will be relocated by tow truck to a neighboring VDOT street or the Brambleton Town Center. Please be aware that parking in adjoining communities may result in your vehicle being towed at owner's expense.

Another impact of the project will be on services to your home including mail, FedEx or UPS deliveries. With access to your streets being blocked, mail and packages will have to be delivered the following day or, if you have a priority need, you should make arrangements to have items left elsewhere. 

Trash & Recycling Collection – These services may be impacted. BCA will work with Republic to collect trash and recycling between 6:00 am and 7:00 am on streets that are impacted on Tuesday and Friday. Impacted residents should place toters curbside the night prior to assure prompt collection. No bulk item or yards debris will be collected on impacted streets on these days. Check the maps to determine if you will be impacted.  

We Need Your Assistance

There are two primary items where your assistance is needed. If applicable, your sprinkler system needs to be turned off on both the day before and the day that your street is scheduled for treatment. The sealant cannot be put down on a wet street. You can turn your system back on when the roads open to traffic.

The second item is relevant during the 12-hour period following the application. The roads will be “tacky”. If a vehicle rides on it and then goes on a concrete curb or driveway, it will leave tracks that are virtually impossible to remove (not to mention what could splash on your car that will also be very hard to remove). You will also need to avoid walking on the treated roads and trails, as shoe soles can also track the product onto driveways and/or into your home.

A Big Thank You

BCA would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. There will be a slight inconvenience while the seal coat cures, but the effects will last for years. Taking actions, such as this, to properly maintain Brambleton, is necessary so that our property values and community remain in a positive position.

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