Mirtha Robles, Community Standards Advisor

Mirtha joins the Brambleton team as one of its Community Standards Advisors.  She can be seen throughout the community performing inspections to ensure that the community stays beautiful.

Mirtha was born and raised in Texas, but has lived in New York, Maryland, and Florida before moving here in March of 2015. Mirtha's background is in hospitality and customer service.  She has a Bachelor's degree from Culinary Institute of America, and she loves fusion cuisine and likes to experiment with food.  She and her daughter love to travel and can often be found doing research into their next great travel adventure.

Celebrity Crush:

 Johnny Depp

Favorite Movie:

 Benny and Joon

Contact Us

  1. Mirtha Robles

    Community Standards Advisor

    42395 Ryan Road 
    Suite 210 
    Brambleton, VA 20148

    Phone: 703-542-6263
    Fax: 703-542-6266