Bram Life Pass

Connect with the Brambleton Community

​B​rambleton Community Association (BCA) is proud to partner with select Loudoun County businesses in the Bram Life Program.  This program is designed to give Brambleton residents exclusive discounts and/or offers with participating Bram Life businesses.  In return for partnering with BCA and the Bram Life Pass, BCA will advertise the partnering business at no cost on various BCA communication platforms.  

To become part of the program, the business must meet a few requirements:

  • Align with BCA’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.  Alignment will be decided upon by BCA Staff and/or Board of Directors. 
  • Provide a unique offer that is not available to the general public. 
  • Located in Loudoun County, convenient to Brambleton, or available to travel to Brambleton. 
  • Be willing to consider partnering with BCA in other areas that are mutually beneficial. 
  • Will allow BCA to market, advertise, and/or be present on the business property during Bram Life Pass activities and events. Any such activity will be predetermined and approved by BCA and the Bram Life Partner.

BCA’s Advertising offered to our Bram Life Pass partners:

  • Presence on our BCA website with links to partner website. 
  • Facebook shout out once a month.
  • Included in the Bram Life Pass monthly reminder in our Friday Flash. 
  • One video segment filmed at your location or on site in Brambleton. This can include one of your employees speaking or we can do it on your behalf.
Please see the calendar for all of our Bram Life Pass offers and discount dates.
Take advantage of ongoing Bram Life Pass specials!
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