Why can Association staff conduct an inspection of my property?

Authority for these inspections is found within the Declaration for Brambleton, Section 3.3. Easement for Upkeep.

(a) Association Access. The Declarant, on behalf of itself and its successors and assigns, hereby grants the right of access over and through any portion of the Property (excluding any improvement) to the Association, the managing agent and any other Persons authorized by the Board of Directors or the appropriate Covenants Committee, in the exercise and discharge of their respective powers and responsibilities, including without limitation to make inspections.

All inspections are performed by members of the Brambleton Community Association staff. Staff does not typically enter fenced yards or access decks during these inspections unless necessary to view conditions. In accordance with the Association’s enforcement policies, notice will be sent to provide time to correct items noted to be in violation of the Brambleton’s governing documents or policies. Please contact our Community Standards Department by email if you have questions regarding the inspection process or any other Covenants related matter.

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3. Why can Association staff conduct an inspection of my property?
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