Do I need to register for a pool pass?
Brambleton’s pool pass system and database allows for the creation of a “Pass for Life” - issued to all single-family (attached and detached) and Residences condo Owners and their families.

If you are a single-family or Residences condo owner, have not changed your address since the end of the 2009 Swim Season, and currently have pool passes created in 2007 or later, you have a “Pass for Life” and do not need to register this year.

Who needs to register for a pool pass this year? If you are new to Brambleton, do not have passes, did not register for a pool pass in 2007 or later, or are a single-family or Residences tenant named on a lease, you need to register for your pool passes this year. There is a $5 per pass fee for residents who have lost, misplaced or discarded their valid pool passes. OWNER ID REQUIRED AT TIME OF REGISTRATION.

Children who age up into a new age bracket (2-11, 12-15, 16 and over) will also need to have new passes made. If your household registered in 2007 or later, and are not tenants named on a lease, a new registration form will not be required for an updated pass to be issued.

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