Elections Committee


The primary responsibility of the Elections Committee is to meet the requirements set in the Association's Governing Documents and to advise the Board of Directors, in a reasonable and productive manner, on issues related to and affecting the election of directors for the Association. In accomplishing this goal, the Board of Directors shall assign the Committee with tasks from time to time that may include but not be limited to:

  • Develop election procedures and guidelines;
  • Seek Board approval of election procedures and guidelines;
  • Administer Board-adopted election procedures;
  • Attend the Annual Meeting and participate in the election process;
  • Review and recommend contracts and contractors related to the election process;
  • Perform post-election evaluation of the process and make recommendations for future elections;
  • Consider and perform other election-related duties as requested by the Board or General Manager.

Residents serve on the Committee in accordance with the Committee Charter. Meetings are held at the Brambleton Management Office. There is an open forum period at each meeting for residents to address the Committee, and all meetings are open to Brambleton residents to attend. Any changes to the meeting schedule are published as soon as practical.