Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee


The primary responsibility of the Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee is to review the current Brambleton Community Association Strategic Plan and draft a revised comprehensive, long-range plan for approval by the BCA Board of Directors. This includes review and possible revision of the current Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

The Strategic Plan, when approved, will be a living document which may be reviewed and changed from time to time by the Board based on community and Association needs.

The Committee shall meet on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. Dates and times shall be set by the Committee. The Committee shall be involved in all phases of the work plan under the guidance of a strategic plan consultant. They shall provide updates as requested and present the proposed Strategic Plan to the Board. The Board shall be responsible for adoption and implementation of the plan.

The target date for Strategic Plan completion is September 30, 2022. The final plan will then be published to the Brambleton community through the BCA website.