Additional Brambleton Disclosures

Virginia Code 55.1-1809 sets the required Property Owners Disclosure content requirements for a homeowners’ association (HOA) Resale Disclosure Packet. Often, there is additional information or content that an HOA desires to disclose but is not required to. Below are non-regulated disclosures that Brambleton Community Association wishes to share with current and future owners.

Airport Proximity and Impact Overlay District

Brambleton is close to Dulles International Airport (IAD). Our communities' proximity to IAD is convenient when personally traveling. However, there are times when owners and residents in Brambleton will hear noise related to the arrival and departure of flights at IAD. Additionally, portions of the community are within the Loudoun County Airport Impact Overlay District (AIOD). Owners and prospective purchasers of property within Brambleton must be aware of additional County-mandated impacts to their property or the property they are considering. Please contact the Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning for information on this subject.

Property Easements

A variety of easements may encumber residential properties throughout Brambleton. Such easements may include but are not limited to the following: blanket, drainage, utility, sight, public access, ingress/egress, avigation, buffer, landscape, maintenance, etc. Property owners need to be aware of all easements on their property and how easements impact, limit, or restrict the use of that property.

Street Trees

Loudoun County zoning established a "street tree" program with specific requirements for communities. Many of the trees included in this program are planted on residential lots. Owners of the lots are responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and replacement of these trees under the County program. Removal of trees required by this program requires approval by the County and is not typically allowed.