Covenants Committee


The Brambleton Covenants Committee serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and is responsible to review submitted design review applications and consider violations of the Association documents and to take enforcement actions. The Covenants Committee is a required committee of the Association’s governing documents and regulates the external appearance, use and upkeep of the property and is also responsible for enforcement of the Association’s governing documents.

Up to seven volunteer homeowners serve on the committee and as required by the Committee Charter, they represent a variety of housing types and locations throughout Brambleton. The average tenure of Brambleton’s Covenants Committee members is over 2 years.

The Committee typically meets on the second Monday of each month to review applications, hear appeals and conduct hearings for violations. Any changes to the meeting schedule are published as soon as practical.

Meetings are held at the Brambleton Management Office. There is an open forum period at each meeting for residents to address the committee and all meetings are open to Brambleton residents to attend.