Townhome Grounds Maintenance Program

Townhome Ground Maintenance

There are certain sections of the community, predetermined by the developer, for which limited grounds maintenance on townhome lots is provided by the Brambleton Community Association. Prior to the construction of these sections, it was decided that an additional assessment would be part of these lots to cover the costs associated with a basic landscape maintenance package. The package includes mowing, string trimming, weeding, edging, turf applications, and mulching of basic landscape. The minimal and routine standards of maintenance are as follows:

Turf Maintenance

  • Mowing will occur every 7-14 days (weather permitting) from April through mid-November. During extended periods of rain or drought conditions, cutting will take place as weather conditions dictate.
  • Turf will be cut to a height of 3"-4".
  • String trimming along shrub beds, obstructions and foundations will be performed at time of mowing. Owners are required to establish a 3"-6" weed-free zone around areas that can be damaged by the string trimmers, such as A/C units, stucco foundations, fencing, deck posts, steps, vinyl siding, or other areas.
  • Edge concrete surfaces (i.e. driveway aprons and sidewalks) every other mow.
  • Normal levels of trash and litter will be policed and removed from landscaped areas before the mowing operation.
  • All sidewalks will be kept free of weeds by mechanical or chemical means.
  • All landscaped planting beds will be kept free of weeds (as needed) by hand weeding or chemical means.
  • All resulting dirt and debris will be blown from sidewalks after operations.

Turf Applications

  • Early spring (February - March) - All turf areas will receive fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control.
  • Late spring (April - June) - All turf areas will receive a balanced fertilizer / broadleaf weed control.
  • Summer (June - July) - All turf will receive spot treatment of broadleaf weed control.
  • Fall (October - November) - All turf areas will receive fertilizer high in nitrogen / broadleaf winter weed control.
Note: Some of the applications listed above may be combined at contractor's discretion. Additional turf applications are occasionally needed for extremely hard to control weeds such as nutsedge, goose grass and wild violet. These conditions require a different application than those listed above. These applications are available at an additional cost on an as needed basis with prior approval from manager / agent.

Spring Bed Cleanup & Mulch

  • All previously mulched plant beds will have debris removed. Bed edges will be cut to a 2" depth (depending on soil conditions).
  • An application of pre-emergent weed control in all beds will be made as deemed appropriate.
  • Double-shredded dyed brown hardwood mulch will be installed to maintain no more than 2-inch mulch covering of the beds. Please note any mulch other than double-shredded dyed brown hardwood will not be serviced during the spring mulch.

Requirements of Service 

  • Access must be available for back yard mowing.
  • Gates must remain unlocked and function properly.
  • Personal items such as lawn furniture, toys, hoses or other items must be removed from lawn and landscape areas before service begins.
  • Landscape beds with edging, exposed irrigation, decorative yard ornaments, excessive non-builder installed plantings, or other items that can be damaged will be skipped or bypassed.
  • Pets cannot be present. Prior to letting dogs / cats / pets into yards in the evenings, please make sure all gates are securely closed.

Service That Is Not Part of the Program

The basic maintenance package provided by the Association is not an all-inclusive package. There are certain items that are not covered under this program and will remain the responsibility of the property owner. Those items are as follows:

  • Pruning of any landscaping to include shrubs, bushes, and trees
  • String trimming around structures or personal items that can be easily damaged
  • String trimming along asphalt driveways due to wear and tear
  • Watering of turf or landscape
  • Removal and replacement of dead or dying plant material
  • Leaf removal on private lots. This includes front and rear yards, open or gated
  • Fall mulching
  • Installation of annual flowers.
  • Snow/ice removal on sidewalks or driveways.
  • Insect or wildlife control