FiOS in Brambleton

As one of the first Fiber-to-the-Home communities in the country, broadband internet and television services have always been an integral part of the resident services offered to the Brambleton community.

In 2018, Brambleton's Board acted to ensure that residents continue to receive high-quality internet and television services at a bulk purchase rate by signing a new agreement with Verizon. Details regarding the review process, resident surveys, and committee recommendations that supported this action can be found here.

2019 will be a transition year while Verizon works to complete the necessary infrastructure upgrades required to provide community-wide access to the enhanced internet speeds offered by the new agreement. An overview of the current services, details about the infrastructure upgrades, and the new agreement are outlined below.

In 2019, Brambleton’s Verizon Package will include the following:

  • Verizon FiOS HD Extreme Package*, which provides the local channels, over 300 digital channels (including all-digital music channels & HD channels). For the most up to date Channel Guide, see: Verizon FIOS Channel Guide.
  • Verizon FiOS Data/Internet service with speeds of 50/50 Mbps
    • To achieve the upgraded speeds provided by the new agreement, Verizon will complete a $4.5 million infrastructure upgrade.
    • One element of the upgrade require on-site appointments at approximately 3,700 homes to complete an ONT & Wiring Conversion.
      • To accomplish this work in the most fair and efficient manner, Verizon will generally be working from the older sections of the community towards the newer sections.
      • Verizon will provide a door hanger to notify residents to call in for an appointment. As an incentive to follow through and complete the appointment, once the necessary work is complete, Verizon will provide an immediate upgrade to 100/100 Mbps.
      • Verizon launched this work in late 2018 and it is anticipated that the work will be completed in Q3 2019.
Community-wide migration to the equipment and services provided by the new agreement is anticipated to occur in Q4 2019.

The new agreement will provide:

  • Speed: FiOS Broadband 500/500 Mbps
  • Hardware: Upgraded Router - FiOS Quantum Gateway Router - BHR4
  • Package: FiOS Extreme HD
  • Hardware: One HD DVR set top box with basic DVR service
Length of Contract
  • 7-year agreement for Internet and Video
  • Option to terminate video after two years
  • 2019
    • Technology portion of HOA Assessments remains the same at $95.15
    • No cost to upgrade to 100/100 Mbps after ONT Conversion
  • 2020
    • Technology portion of the HOA Assessment will decrease slightly
    • Costs related to one set top box and basic DVR service will disappear from Verizon bill
*Cable Card, Digital Converter or Set Top Boxes required for television reception (fees and services available with each vary). 

Before settlement, please contact Verizon 7-10 business days prior to your projected settlement date (but no more than 15 days before). If your installation order has been placed, but your settlement date changes, or, you have other changes to make to your order, please call again ASAP. 

For residents moving into an existing home (FiOS ready), the install order cannot be placed until 1 business day following the previous owner’s disconnect date.

Verizon FiOS local voice service is available to Brambleton residents, but it is NOT included in the assessment fee.

 Activation, Billing, Disconnect, Account
  M - F, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  Saturday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  888-553-1555 (24 hours, 7 days/week)
 Questions/Assistance with
 Assistance w/ Suspension of Service
 Home Monitoring and Control   800-501-1172
*Activation charges are not included in the Assessment Fee.

FiOS App

Customers with both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet service can use FiOS Mobile for iPad to watch select live streaming. Many of the 75 channels available include HBO, TBS, A&E and even broadcast networks like FOX. Children’s programming is available as well.